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FinPulse Conseil & Expertise has made the challenge to simplify bookkeeping and use accounts as a mamangement tool thanks to the newest technologies

Accounting 3.0

We provide collaborative, innovative and connected management tools (billing, expenses, purchases and cash management, online dashboard ...) from which data is scraped for accounting needs without any intervention from your side. 

Thanks to our turnkey solutions, you will be able to simply drive your business and save time and use it for developping your core business. 

Financial and accounting support 

Our experience and our know-how will be put at your disposal to ensure a permanent compliance with your accounting and regulatory obligations (corporate or consolidated financial statements, French GAAP or IFRS, reporting ...).

Business Advisory

Our teams' experience, their commitment and our know-how makes us your better ally for developing your business.  

We support you in your projects

Need for a reconsideration of your cash flow management strategy? Of opportunities for growth or investment projects? Need for reporting tools or a reorganization of the administrative and accounting department of your company?

We provide you with our expertise and the tools you need to drive efficiently your business (dashboards, business plans, corporate valuation ...).

Need for a temporary support ?

Our teams can also assist you during the busy season in consolidating your group's accounts, outsourcing your subsidiaries' bookkeeping, replacing a member of your financial department ...

Legal, Tax and HR Management

We propose a complete package of services and help you fulfilling your legal and regulatory obligations.

Corporate legal and tax assistance 

The corporate legal and tax duties are closely dependent on their accounting obligations.

We provide a package of services covering recurring duties (corporate taxes, annual legal secretarial ...) as complex operations (restructuring, assistance for tax audits, capital increases, share transfers ...).

Payroll and HR Management

The complexity of social legislation leads many companies to delegate the payroll management to specialized providers.

We provide assistance in human resources management (employment agreements, payroll and social security declarations, management of employees entries and exits ...) and in any matter relating to HR (assistance in social security controls, termination benefits, compliance with social legislation, etc.)

You are

A Start-up

A Start-up

You are creating you own innovating Start-up? Your Business is growing too fast and you are lacking time for reconsidering your organization?

Our interest in Start-ups and our experience in the innovation field make us your best ally for structuring your Business.

We put at your disposal innovative full-web software allowing you to drive your Business efficiently.

A real estate company

A real estate company

France is an attractive country for investors in Real Estate, but this field is ruled by a specific tax and legal legislation, which needs a specific know-how so to secure your project.

Our specialized teams will assist you in the creation of your company, the structuring of your Business and the accomplishment of your accounting, tax and legal duties which are specific to Real Estate.

We have a special know-how in specific legal forms such as SCI, OPPCI, SIIC companies and many others.

A company investing in France

A company investing in France

You are part of an international Group and you are starting an activity in France?

FinPulse provides you with a turnkey service starting with the assistance on the Business structuring and ongoing matters (the choice of a legal form matching with your goals, accomplishment of the registration in France and other formalities, bookkeeping, tax and legal duties…

We will fit to your organisation (information system, GAAP…) and to your internal procedures and needs (reporting needs…) and provide a tailored service.

A French SME

A French SME

The French legal, tax and accounting environment being more and more complex, a personalized efficient and regular assistance is necessary for reducing and managing the risks.

We put at your disposal a complete range of services allowing you to focus your Business Development.

FinPulse is the partner of your success, we will assist you and help you develop and secure your Business at any step of your company’s life (creation, development, restructuring…).

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